Harvest Mouse – Watercolor Sketch

Last week my wife sent me a link to a page with a ton of pictures of harvest mice. They are these tiny tiny mice that are so tiny (did I say they were tiny?) that they can stand on top of a flower and not even bend it. They’re so tiny! They make these perfect little round nests with tiny perfect little round entrances. So I’ve been painting them and drawing them pretty much every day. See my previous post where I painted one using Clip Studio Paint on the iPad.

This one I painted using plain old watercolors and a Pentel Aquash.

Here’s the finished piece on my travel watercolor sketchpad:

Watercolor of a harvest mouse on a flower
Harvest mouse on a flower – watercolor

Happy painting!

ClipStudio Paint iPad – Quick sketch

I’ll be testing out ClipStudio paint on my iPad. I’ve had it for the desktop for a while and haven’t really used it since I’ve been mostly doing stuff with Affinity Photo or physical media.

Here’s the result of my first half-hour or so of playing with it:

Little tiny harvest mouse made with ClipStudio Paint iPad version.

I decided to give it a try on the iPad because I have always been intrigued by their range and ability of the brushes and I recently bought a set of ClipStudio brushes from Frenden https://gumroad.com/l/clipstudio (go buy them now! They’re affordable and very good, though I don’t know if they work on the iPad!).

I’ll be looking into the iPad version and maybe even make a few videos for some in-depth process stuff. Let me know what you think over on my twitter: @bobdraws

Happy drawing!

The Rat King

I’ve been working on a series of sketches and paintings with a character I am calling the Rat King.

I’m actually not sure if it’s the same character throughout since the main character looks a bit different in each one and seems to be doing all sorts of things that a Rat King might not do.

The Rat King at the edge of a cliff, clutching his staff while he casts a spell to control the weather
The Rat King – Casting a spell that controls the weather

For example, in some he is in what looks like a lab with potions and magic implements.

The Rat Wizard in his underground lab cooking up a potion
The Rat Wizard in his underground lab cooking up a potion

In another he is studying magic spells (while using magic to help him hold up the spell book).

The Sketch
The Rat Wizard studying his spells
The Rat Wizard studying his spells

In yet another he is helping navigate a skiff as he and a companion run away from pirate frigates.

The Rat Wizard escaping from pirate frigates
The Escape – The rat wizard escapes pirate frigates

I have been using these paintings and drawings to experiment with different techniques, both to create them and to prepare and scan them for presentation.

Some day I may create a narrative from them. In the meantime, you can put come up with your own story =)