ClipStudio Paint iPad – Quick sketch

I’ll be testing out ClipStudio paint on my iPad. I’ve had it for the desktop for a while and haven’t really used it since I’ve been mostly doing stuff with Affinity Photo or physical media.

Here’s the result of my first half-hour or so of playing with it:

Little tiny harvest mouse made with ClipStudio Paint iPad version.

I decided to give it a try on the iPad because I have always been intrigued by their range and ability of the brushes and I recently bought a set of ClipStudio brushes from Frenden (go buy them now! They’re affordable and very good, though I don’t know if they work on the iPad!).

I’ll be looking into the iPad version and maybe even make a few videos for some in-depth process stuff. Let me know what you think over on my twitter: @bobdraws

Happy drawing!