Color Pencils in Krita

Krita comes with a set of built-in color pencil brushes. I wanted to see how well I could replicate physical color pencils. The image below is an example of what I did over a few hours:

By comparison, here is a piece I did in actual color pencils on toned pencil.

So, immediately, I can see that the texture of the paper is missing. I tried to add this using some watercolor random textures but didn’t quite get it. Pencil line is also not quite as chunky and textury as I’d like. The lines in the digital version are still too smooth. This may be because I drew with a very thin pen at 350dpi. It was also difficult to get a good fill with the digital brush. The available fill brush gave too smooth a pattern, making it look smudgy rather than textury (is that a term?).

Overall, though, I’m pretty happy. I will try different themes and see how well I develop.

I did modify the standard sketch color pencil so that the tip would be smaller based on pressure because I felt that the default curve left too thick a line. And, I also tried out David Revoy’s Extra Brush Presets for Krita 4