Daily Doodles

These are sketches and doodles I create daily. If you want to see more finished works, please visit my portfolio page. Scroll down for the latest posts.

Will Eisner’s The Spirit – 11/05/2021

Jack and Owl – Ink on Moleskine

Ratty’s Halloween Home – Digital

Witch’s Hat – Pencil on Toned Paper

Angel or Devil – Pencil on Bristol

Bit of a streak of pinup monster girls – This one is bride of Frankenstein – pencil on toned paper.

Velma and the Great Pumpkin – I’m mixing up my halloween/fall cartoons – Pencil on Toned Paper

A nice vampire for October 1st – Pencil on Bristol

A quick sketch using a custom brush tip I made with Clip Studio after following the tutorial by Scott Drummon

Princess Leia watercolor

Wizard – This was in response to this tweet that suggested using photos of orchestra conductors when you needed references for painting or drawing a wizard.

Christopher Reeves is my favorite superman. Here he is for #supermanday

He Man is coming back! Loved that show.

Vampire Pirate Ladies :3

Lady Dimitrescu

Red Archer

Little Grogu/Baby Yodder

Video of my painting process for my latest instagram profile picture.

Sketch with Krita

Another copy of a character from the board game Small World.

Doodle Sketch copy of an illustration by Alessandro Barbucci
Copy of an illustration by Alessandro Barbucci
Neil Gaiman's Sandman Inspired Watercolor Process
Watercolor progress shot of Dream from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Series

January 22, 2021 – Clipstudio Paint – 30 minutes

Fresh Batch of Cookies