Fan Suggestions

Hey, I love getting suggestions from my fans for stuff to draw. Want to see what got drawn? Check out the Finished Section. Want to see the current queue? Jump to that section.

How it works

You suggest something, I’ll consider it. If I like it, I’ll put it up on the queue up above, if I don’t put it on the queue it probably violated my content policy or it’s just too complicated. You can send your suggestion via email to suggestions at bob draws dot com or contact me via the socials or on DA.

Feel free to send references with your suggestion. I will usually follow the order in the queue but I may skip around, depending on how I feel. When I have made it, I’ll send you a note, depending on the mode you contacted me. You can also just come and check the queue.

Stuff I’ll definitely draw:

  • Anything family/kid friendly
  • Fun spicy, nsfw stuff
  • Pinups
  • Monkeys

Stuff I won’t draw. Please do not ask for exceptions.

  • Gore
  • Loli/Underage – no characters under 18 or pretending/suggesting to be under 18
  • Non-concensual
  • Racist, bigoted stuff (what this means is up to me).
  • [I reserve the right for other stuff here]

Current Queue

  • NSFW of Winona Cauldron from The Garfield Show (spicy, spicy)
  • Storm stuck in a vent after chasing a student with a front and back view.