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Bob Draws! Sticker Club – For $5 bucks you get a sticker delivered to your place. You get to suggest future subjects and vote on them. Head on over to my Patreon.

  • Fan Suggestion: Poison Ivy and the Kraken!
    This is Poison Ivy from New Batman Adventures in the coils of a kraken. I loved this style; I might do more in the same style. Time lapse below. Want to suggest…
  • Fan Request: Mariya Shido from Maria Holic
    Here’s a fan request from over on DA. Fun! Scroll down for the time lapse. And here’s the time lapse.
  • May The 4th!
    May the 4th be with you and may the kid in you never leave your body! Cheers! here’s the time lapse
  • Fan Request: Rogue from the 90’s in a tight situation
    A tough situation: you think you’ll fit through this ventilation shaft in a villain’s secret lair but the amount of cake just prevents you from getting all the way through. That’s ok,…
  • Fan Request: Black Widow in Peril
    Another snakey request (shrug) this time with Black Widow from Earth Mightiest Heroes in peril, captured by a snake. This time I did it in Clip Studio paint, just to get a…
  • Fan Request: Storm from X-Men 97
    I’d like to get her as one of the Sticker Club Stickers so sign up and vote! Here’s the time lapse:
  • Fan Request – Jiffy from Mighty Max
    Another fan request for snake hypnotism and Jiffy from Mighty Max. And here’s a time lapse: Cheers!
  • April Sticker Suggestion Time
    Alrighty, folks. April is just around the corner and it’s time to find out what character you want for a sticker. Put it in the comment below (you gotta be a member…
  • April O’Neil – A Tight Spot – Fan Art Suggestion
    This is a fan art of my favorite reporter April O’Neil in a tight situation.  This scenario was a suggestion by @orangemegaman  over on DeviantArt. Here’s a time lapse video of the…
  • Cozy Kokoro: OC request
    This is a request for a variation on an original character by Dinobolt6 over on Deviant Art. Here’s the character sheet, which includes her back story. You can see in this time…
  • April O’Neil Fan Art Sketch
    A little fan art sketch of your favorite sewer reporter and mutant ninja turtle friend April O’Neil. Scroll down to see the time lapse. She was originally going to be Holli Wood…
  • Reference Images in Krita
    Krita has an awesome tool for working with reference images. If you haven’t tried it, it’s hidden in a little tiny tool that looks like a push pin. I made a video…
  • Let’s Roll!!
    Into the weekend! Zoooom!
  • Installing Fonts in Procreate for iPad
    Learn how to install and remove fonts for Procreate on your iPad.
  • Bob Draws and the Fediverse!
    Testing … testing … one. two. three. It works! So, I’m trying out this new WordPress plugin that’ll connect my blog to Mastodon and the rest of the Fediverse. Let’s see how…
  • Your Online Home Base
    The goal is to have one central spot for your work that points to all the other places where you will share your work, interact with your fans and potential customers, and sell your merchandise or send them to your portfolio.
  • Punkin Head
    A quick sketch monster for the spooky season!
  • Krita Comics Template Walktrough
    Krita comics template explained
  • Real Pencil Bundle Sketch
    Here’s a quick sketch I did of … dunno … she looks like she could be the killer “dame” in a Vault of Horror comic book. This sketch was done to test…
  • Clip Studio Paint Tutorial – Quick Layer Selection
    You know how you sometimes need to find what layer some piece of your art is on and you try to figure it out by looking at the tiny icons on the…