Cozy Kokoro: OC request

This is a request for a variation on an original character by Dinobolt6 over on Deviant Art.

Here’s the character sheet, which includes her back story.
You can see in this time lapse that I drew the “final” lines twice 😅. And that’s because I realized I hadn’t resized the image from 72dpi to 300dpi before inking.

Lovely music by Satuniman

And here are a couple sketches in progress.

You can see that I used Krita’s really useful reference image tool, for which I did a video tutorial on YouTube. There are a couple of other things I’d like to see in this tool, but, so far so good.

I really enjoyed doing this request. I have never done private/individual commissions, but, I might take one or two on because it is quite a bit of fun to get feedback from someone who really likes their OC.

Happy drawing!